Private Investigator FAQs | Collin, Denton, & Dallas Counties | Texas

Frequent Questions

Do I need a Private Investigator?

Being that you are researching information on private investigators, chances are you are in need of one.  Our experienced team will guide you on how we can build your case.  If you have sought legal counsel, please speak with your attorney about how a private investigator can help your case.  Contact us so we can schedule a free consultation.

How should I choose a Private Investigator?

First and foremost, research the private investigator to ensure he/she is properly licensed.  Each investigator will have an area(s) of expertise and will usually offer a free or inexpensive consultation.  It does not hurt to get multiple consultations to ensure you receive the best investigator for your needs.

How long will a private investigation take?

Depending on the complexity of the case, the length of time for a complete investigation could take less than a day up to months.  As a client, you are in charge of how in depth you want the investigation to go.  We work efficiently throughout your case as no time is wasted time.

What are the costs of an investigation?

Each client and case are unique regarding what information they are seeking and the length of the investigation.  Some cases will require a retainer and/or have an hourly rate.  Background checks, for example, will have a flat rate fee while a criminal defense case will have an hourly rate.  The hourly rates will fluctuate depending on the complexity of the case and the investigator assigned to the case.  During your free consultation we will discuss the specific rates for your case.