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Background Checks:
  • Criminal Background Check

  • Pre-Employment Background Check

  • Tenant Screening Background Check

  • Babysitter/Nanny Background Check

  • Dating/Relationship Background Check

  • Background Check For Any Reason

Anyone can request a background check for just about any reason you could think of. Performing a background check through a private investigator will assure you have accurate and reliable information.  We provide three standard background check packages for easy choosing; however, we are not limited to these three.  If you want more in depth background checks, contact us with your needs and we can customize a quote.  Do not overpay for a background check!  Background checks do not have to break the bank!  If you're thinking the more you pay the better the background check, then you have been given false information.  Background checks are used to protect you and help you make informed decisions.


Our investigators can provide a background check of your choosing where all the records will be compiled into one easy to read document.  Whether you are in needs of a company that is consistent with quality background checks for you business, or you need a background check prior to starting a dating relationship, we have the right background check for you.